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Global Leadership with The Marketing Society

For the last 50 years, The Marketing Society has challenged its members to think differently and be bolder marketing leaders. And in 2011, ahead of their Annual Conference on global leadership, The Marketing Society is offering clients at The Marketing Forum an inspirational taster of how marketers can lead their people, brands and organisations. Sessions on offer include:-
  • Leadership coaching with Steve Radcliffe – become a better, bolder leader in today’s global economy
  • ‘Under the spotlight’ with Sarah Speake, Strategic Marketing Director, Google – marketing author Alan Mitchell asks all the questions marketers need answered
  • Digital leadership: the next big thing – what does it look, feel and sound like?
  • The future of marketing with Hugh Burkitt – what role with marketing play in the future success of your business?
For more details please see our conference page.

Pitching for success

Despite the ongoing debate regarding pitching models and practices, little has fundamentally changed over the past few years. Pitching remains costly, time consuming and a resource hungry process for agencies and clients alike.

A series of seminars and interactive workshops at this year’s Marketing forum will enable marketers to tap into the work that an IPA/ISBA taskforce has been doing over the last 12 months to develop alternatives to pitching beyond the current one-size fits all model. It provides more efficient options on how to implement a successful pitch by using the approved IPA/ISBA pitch principles, with hands on tips on putting them into practice.

Speakers include Mark Robinson, Head of Marketing, Grey London; Helen Weisinger: Chief Marketing Officer, McCann London and Traci Dunne, Consultancy Manager, ISBA.

For more details please contact Kirsty Brown.

Suppliers tell all...

It goes without saying that we think The Communication Directors' Forum is an event worth shouting about. Turns out, our customers agree...

In this month’s Communicate Magazine, several Communication Directors’ Forum suppliers explain why the forum works so well for all involved, why they choose to come back year on year and how the forum is different to anything else in the marketplace.

Read the full article here.

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Still cutting those costs - David Smith, Economics Editor, The Sunday Times

Of all the developments since the global financial crisis, perhaps the most unwelcome has been the return of inflation. We knew that there would be a banking hangover, with weak credit growth, as in the aftermath of every previous financial crisis.

We also knew there would have to be some tough fiscal decisions, with both tax hikes and an end to the carefree days of significant increases in government spending. People can debate the size of the cuts, and their pace, but few can dispute the need for them.

Less predictable was the rise in costs. Recessions and crises are supposed to destroy inflation. Many recessions, or at least slowdowns, are engineered by policymakers precisely for that purpose.

In that respect, one source of inflationary pressure has behaved in a textbook way. Pay settlements have remained subdued, averaging 2% or so in Britain, in spite of a strong rise in employment. People are grateful to be in work and sense that their bargaining power is limited.

The picture is similar across most advanced economies, though wage pressures have increased in the emerging world, perhaps unsurprisingly. That is where growth is far stronger and it is where the impact of rising energy and commodity prices is biggest.

The return of inflation is simply explained. In the worst phase of the crisis, in the autumn of 2008, the commodities’ bubble burst spectacularly. The oil price, which reached an all-time high of $147 a barrel in the summer of 2008, slumped all the way to the mid-$30s. Many commodity prices followed a similar pattern.

Then came the bounce, as a result of a global recovery led by commodity-hungry emerging economies, pushing some prices above their previous peaks. It is not yet true for oil, and may not be for some time as a result of an International Energy Agency decision to release some strategic shocks. But other commodities have raced ahead.

David Smith writes a column for Richmond Events News, our monthly newsletter with updates across the whole forum portfolio and the wider business community. To subscribe please contact us.

London 2012 - The Inside Story

The delivery of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games is a project of such magnitude that it is hard to comprehend the timescales and budgets involved. Coupled with an unprecedented level of public and media scrutiny, bringing the Games to London is full of challenges, demands and many, many triumphs.

Delegates on board this year’s Communication Directors’ Forum will be lucky enough to hear from Julie King, Head of External Relations for the Olympic Delivery Authority who will be sharing her story of a lifetime, including…
  • From 6th July 2006 to 27th July 2012 - the journey from winning the bid to Opening Ceremony
  • The challenges of running the country’s largest & most high-profile publicly funded project, and meeting the need for complete transparency
  • Managing the interests of stakeholders, the challenges of the local communities and the public’s expectations
  • Creating a lasting legacy, ensuring UK PLC benefits from the public investment
To listen to her story at the forum, get in touch and request an invite.

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